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At Fail Better NYC, we believe the resources and education necessary to make art should be available to all who seek it, rather than those who can afford it.

In support of this, all of our programs are offered at no cost. Our small team of devoted volunteers works hard to support every artist that comes into our space, and sometimes that means funding from our own pockets.

Help us support you and other artists like you. Donations of all sizes make a difference.

Donate to us on Venmo @FailBetterNYC

Here is what your donations will be used for:

  • Renting space for 1st Draft Readings and special events

  • Cost of food and refreshments for events and rehearsals

  • Website costs, including domain hosting, wix account, and e-mail services

No money to give? We've been there. Here are some other ways you can contribute:

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