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Fail Better NYC is always looking for volunteers to help support our developmental community.

Here are some areas where we could use more hands:

- Social Media (Facebook & Instagram)

- Production (Answering e-mails, communicating with artists, scheduling, call-sheets)

- Archiving (Photos, videos, submissions)

- Grants ( Grant writing/proposals)

- Finance (Budgeting, Reconciling expenses)

Not interested in any of these? No problem! These are our needs, but we also want to hear about yours. Experience has taught us that the happiest and most helpful volunteers are those who pursue their passion. We encourage you to pitch us a position that you would be excited to fill.

*Please note, we ask that you attend one or more of programs at least 3 times before volunteering for us.


Ready to volunteer? Send us an e-mail with the following information:

- How do you identify creatively (writer, director, producer, actor, resistor of labels)

- Which programs have you attended and what was your experience of them?

- Is there a specific program you are interested in volunteering for?

- Which area are you most interested in? (Social Media, Production, Archiving, Grants, or Finance)

- Do you have any previous experience in this area? This does not need to be professional experience. Tell us about your personal projects, school projects, or anything else you are proud of. Please note that experience is not required, and many of our volunteers had no experience before they started.

- If you would like to pitch your own position, give us a breakdown of what that position would consist of and how you believe it could support our community of artist.

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