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First Draft Productions




We host full-length developmental readings for playwrights and screenwriters who may benefit from hearing a complete draft. Each submission is considered on a case-by-case basis. Email us if you're interested.





MARCH 2019: Man Up, a solo show by Michael Lloret

JANUARY 2019: Sad Clowns, a full-length play by Gamal ElSawah

AUGUST 2018: AT, a full-length play by Emily Welty

JUNE 2018: Tooth for Tooth, a full-length play by Francisco Mendoza

MARCH 2018: Almond, Mint & Oven Mitts, a full-length play by Conrado Falco

OCTOBER 2017: Prosperine, a feature-length screenplay by Cherry Brice

SEPTEMBER 2017: Lakehouse, a full-length play by Robert Price

AUGUST 2017: The Great Russian Expedition, a full-length play by Sasha Sharova

MARCH 2017: Stargazing, a feature-length screenplay by Alessandra Rodriguez-Majchrzyk

JANUARY 2017: Thursday Movie Trivia, a full-length play by Conrado Falco


DECEMBER 2016: Remember You, Recuerdame, a full-length play by Christopher Moncayo-Torres


OCTOBER 2016: EmpireLand, a full-length play by Esther Yumi Ko


OCTOBER 2016: The Centuries, a full-length play  by Conrado Falco


JUNE 2016: Famous Romantics, season one sampler of the web series by Brian Kelley


MARCH 2016: in a room called heaven, a full-length play with music by Rachel Sather


DECEMBER 2015: You Belong with Me: The Life and Death of Taylor Swift, a full-length play by Conrado Falco

• May 2016: Produced by the Hunter Theatre Company


OCTOBER 2015: The Hulk Can't Perform CPR, a full-length play by Louis Gaudio

• February 2017: Produced by High Stakes Theater Company 

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