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A storytelling workshop-show for live-storytellers, new or seasoned, looking to experiment and receive feedback on ANY 8 min true story, no matter where it might be in its development. Unfinished stories are especially welcomed. The messier the better!

Audience Members



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Trying to find a clear beginning, middle and/or end to your story? Have too much/not enough narrative summary or scenes? Want to see if you can talk more about how you feel throughout your story? Maybe you want to revisit one of your older stories and experiment with a new form? Workout any and all of this at Fail Better Story Time!


We Offer

*A stage

*8 mins

*A supportive audience of fellow storytellers

Optional Resources

*Notes for reference are welcomed.

*Free Video Recording for future edits of your story or to pitch to another show.

*Little extra time - Depending on the size of the lineup, occasional opportunities for more time may be available. Perhaps you need to prep for an upcoming longer set at another show (like RISK!) or your own one person show. Email us for more details.

*Story Status - Before telling, share with us the current development stage of your story. For example, tell us you have no ending and you wanna see if one comes up as you tell. Or tell us it's a revisited story and you're trying out a new approach. It might inform our reactions throughout as well as the optional Feedback Discussion.

*Popcorn - A quick one word or sentence reaction from everyone in the room to gauge initial/visceral responses.

*Feedback Discussion - As practiced in Show & Tell, we facilitate a brief round of responses from the room according to your needs.


Perhaps this is a brand new story so you're more interested in what people appreciated, curiosities they have and/or what parts of your story got their attention and less on prescriptive comments that suggest what you should do with your story. That said, maybe you're seeking more candid and constructive observations so we'll encourage the audience to respectfully challenge moments that might have been unclear or underdeveloped in the story, speak on the structure or offer opinions. 


YOU let us know how specific or open you'd like the discussion to be. At any point you feel we're talking too much/not enough about something not in support of your feedback needs, raise your hand and we'll bring it back on track. 

All Stories Welcomed

In fostering an accessible space for all new works, we do not vet any of the stories and have no idea what they will tone and content will vary, fair warning.

Fail Better Story Time is FREE and open to the public.


Hosted by our Managing Director and live-storyteller, Christopher Moncayo-Torres

Upcoming Events

Sunday, May 19th

The Eastwood 1089 N Oxford Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Doors 4 pm, Start 4:15 pm

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